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2015 Yamaha R1 Engine Case Covers, Rearset Kits, Frame Sliders, Axle Slider, Clip-Ons

2015 Yamaha R3 Rearset Kits, Frame Sliders, Clip-On set

2015 Yamaha FZ07 Engine Case Covers, Rearset Kits, Clip-On Set

2014-15 Yamaha FZ09 Engine Case Covers, Rearset Kits, Frame Sliders, Clip-On Set

Key Switch Elimination Harnesses

Servo Buddy

Stay Dry Riding Gear Undergarments

Note: Woodcraft Technologies sells replacement parts for all products we make. If spare parts are needed just go to the webpage for that part and click on the "Spare Parts" tab. Also for more information many of our products such as reaset assemblies show exploded views with part numbers listed.

CLICK HERE to Check out the two minute video which covers our patented 2-piece slider puck system. This design is used in our frame, axle as well as our bar end sliders. The most durable system on the market.

"Being in the frame alignment business, we see a lot of frame sliders that do more damage then they prevent. Woodcraft Frame Sliders are designed to protect the frame without causing unnecessary damage to the mounting points. We won't sell any other brand" - Peter Kates GMD Computrack Boston