Buell Firebolt XB9/12 STD Shift Complete Rearset Assembly

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The basic rearset kit consists of the rearset plates, footpegs and all of the needed hardware (shift rods, etc) to install the kit properly. These kits assume that you currently have the OEM rearsets on your bike.

They are made from tough, aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum. They are much stronger than OEM brackets and will give your bike a look that will separate you from the crowd. This kit is one of the most durable we have ever made, and has survived extremely well when crashed. This kit was delveloped with factory riders to give you the optimum foot position and ground clearance for racing.

These rearsets come complete with eccentric adjustable footpegs and the three piece shift and brake pedals.

The pegs can be moved 1/4" to 3/4" back and 0 to 1/2" up. These kits have been used by top Buell teams including some Buell factory riders in AMA Formula Xtreme Competition.

Spare parts are available under the spare parts tab.

Will Fit:
  • Buell Firebolt XB9/XB12
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  • Description
    • 06-0800
    • Eccentric Standard Footpeg w/BH bolt (04-BH1030Z) Buell, Ducati 750-1000SS (99+)
    • 06-01PE
    • Optional Plug End Footpeg 7/8 inch
    • 07-2178
    • Shift Rod 1-7/8" Female, Alum Buell
    • 09-0800
    • Buell XB9/12 Brake Pedal Assembly
    • 09-0800P
    • Buell Firebolt Brake Pivot (uses 09-0800SP thick spacer)
    • 09-1099
    • Universal Brake Pedal Shaft w/bolts
    • 08-0800
    • Buell XB9/12 Standard Shift Pedal Assembly
    • 08-0800P
    • Buell Firebolt, Pivot, Std Shift (uses 08-080XSS thin spacer)
    • 08-1800
    • Adjustable Reverse Facing Shift Shaft - Short w/bolts
    • 08-0899
    • Adj. Pedal Tip W/ FH Bolt