Brammo Empulse Complete Rearset Assembly

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These new Brammo rearsets were developed with direct feedback from the Brammo factory. Woodcraft took feedback from a number of top riders and produced a rearset kit that allows for both standard and GP shift (The photo shows both orientations at once). Our kit features a bearing (just like the OEM rearsets) to support the shift shaft for precise gear changes.

Adjustability: These rearsets have 12 positions of adjustability that can move the pegs 1.125 inches up and down and 0.5 inches front to back. This setup has been track tested with fantastic reviews.These kits also use common Woodcraft replacement parts, ensuring easy access to key components when you need them. Woodcraft rearsets are built with track durability in mind!

Spare parts are available under the spare parts tab.

NOTE: This kit will eliminate your OEM kickstand. This kit is designed for race use only.

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  • All Brammo Empulse
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    • 04-SC825Z
    • SHCSM8-1.25x25 Zinc Coarse Thread (05-0640,05-0600)
    • 06-4801
    • Black Eccentric Footpeg w/ FH bolt (04-FH1035Z)EX250 '08-12, ZX10R '06+,Tri 675 '06+, ZX6R/636R '07+,650R '12-14, BMW S1000RR, Hon CBR250, CBR500R, 2015 R1
    • 04-FH1035Z
    • FHCS M10-1.5x35 Zinc plated (Flat head footpeg bolt)
    • 05-0640HGB
    • Black Heel Guard, Brake, Duc 749-1198 (with (2) BH616 bolts)
    • 04-BH616Z
    • BHSC M6x16Z 10.9(Hand Guards,05-0315B/316B)
    • 04-BH625Z
    • BHSC M6.-1.0X25Z ( Shift Pedals )
    • 05-0225P2
    • Shift/Brake Pin Suzuki SV650 03-11,SV1000 All Yrs, GSXR1000 '17
    • 04-BH835Z
    • BHSC M8-1.25x35 Zinc coarse thread,(06-0700,08-0440,05-0720,05-0712S,05-0740S)
    • 09-4145
    • Shaft, Short Pedal, 2 Hole Adjustable, with bolts
    • 08-7099E
    • Eccentric Folding Toe Peg Mount
    • 04-FH612Z
    • FHSC M6x12mm Flat Hd Socket, Zinc(08-7899/7899A)
    • 08-6FLH
    • Rod end, 6mm FLH (K125,K128,08-0200,245,249,449,700)
    • 04-FN6RZ
    • Nut Free-Flow 6mm RHS Zinc (shift rods)
    • 05-0225P2
    • Shift/Brake Pin Suzuki SV650 03-11,SV1000 All Yrs, GSXR1000 '17
    • 08-4145
    • Adjustable 2 hole Shift Shaft, Black (08-0130,4130,4131,4133,500,501,125,147,165,650,750,751)
    • 08-6MLH
    • Rod end, 6mm MLH (08-0247,425,428,9,448,452,465- K335,8)