Heavy Duty Plastic SUZUKI GSXR/SV, Kawasaki Z125 OEM Bar End Slider with Guard Mount (Single Side)

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New hand guard mount bar end slider for Suzuki GSX-R/SV and Kawasaki Z125 Pro models. Our puck mount is passed down from our patented frame sliders. The perpendicular mount mount bolt eliminates the need to dig plastic out of the puck after a crash making replacement a breeze, This Woodcraft bar end slider model provides the room you need to mount your Woodcraft lever guards.

Please Note: Hand Guard sold separately.

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    • 14-0252
    • Bar End Slider Base with Guard Mount - OEM Suzuki Bars
    • 04-FH650Z
    • FHCS M6-1.0 x 50 Zinc Bolt (16-0299/9299)
    • 04-BH625Z
    • BHSC M6.-1.0X25Z ( Shift Pedals )