Yamaha R1 '15-17/ '17FZ10 Superbike Lifters

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Woodcraft is proud to introduce a new product to our lineup: The Superbike Lifters. Machined out of a single piece of 6061 aluminum billet to give it strength and durability. Our lifters require no extra hardware and or installation over that of normal spools. These lifters will allow you to use our new lifter rear stands, or any other stands that accomodates them. Sleek and stylish yet still giving you rock solid stability when the bike is on stands to be worked on or stored away. No more worrying about traditional spools that can potentially snap off during a crash. We will have more models available in the coming weeks so be on the look out for an application that will fit your bike.

Spare parts are available under the spare parts tab.

Will Fit:
  • 2015-17 Yamaha R1/R1M
  • 2017 Yamaha FZ10
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