6mm Superbike Lifter Puck Assembly

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Availabe for our SBK Lifter sets are these optional slider pucks. They act in the same way as our front and rear axle slider kits but now they're for your SBK lifters! Have a quick change kit you want to add some protection too? Snap these on in literally minutes and have that added peace of mind knowing your SBK lifter and your quck change are now protected. We have test fitted these and know they will work with our SBK lifter rear stand but may also work on other rear stands.

SBK lifters are NOT included in this kit - only the slider pucks/mount/hardware.

Spare parts are available under the spare parts tab.

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    • 45-1099
    • Standard Hex Axle Slider Puck
    • 27-6095H
    • 6mm Superbike Lifter Puck Mount
    • 45-5099
    • Quick Release Axle Slider Pin