BMW S1000RR/S1000R Frame Slider Base Kit (Pucks Sold Separately)

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Woodcraft frame sliders stand out in a market crowded with look-alike options. Our patent pending design features a slider puck that can be replaced with one bolt. What makes the Woodcraft design unique is the perpendicular attachment bolt for the puck. Because we do not have to hollow out the center of the puck, we can leave the sliding surface of the puck solid. This provides 48% more plastic to slide on, dramatically improving puck life. The side mount also eliminates the hassle of trying to dig out a puck replacement bolt through a distorted hole.

For racing, this model uses a special universal shorty slider puck (part number 50-1399) that gives the perfect amount of puck protruding from the fairing.

These sliders require cutting the bodywork on the right side, 2009-'14 S1000RR, and both sides on the 2014-'16 S1000R. Making solid sliders with no offsets is absolutely the best way to protect your bike in a crash - giving the slider maximum strength to resist bending and breaking. Offset sliders can break and sometimes do more damage than they prevent (like breaking frames). We will only sell what we race with ourselves and believe these to be the best frame sliders available for this bike.

$69.99 with plastic pucks

Will Fit:
  • 2009-17 BMW S1000RR
  • 2014-2017 BMW S1000R
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    • 51-0750L
    • LHS-BMW S1000RR '09-17 Frame Slider Base Assembly (puck sold separately)
    • 51-0750R
    • RHS-BMW S1000RR '09-17 Frame Slider Base Assembly (puck sold separately)
    • 50-0750L
    • BMW S1000 Left Frame Slider Base (no bolts/puck)
    • 50-0750R
    • BMW S1000 Right Frame Slider Base (no bolts/puck)
    • 04-SC1060
    • SHCS M10-1.5x60, Coarse (50-0750R)
    • 04-SC1070
    • SHCS M10-1.5X70, Coarse (50-0720,750L)
    • 04-FH848Z
    • FHCS M8-1.25 X48, Zinc (all Universal Pucks)
    • 50-1399
    • Short Universal Slider Puck, Black Plastic
    • 50-1099
    • Universal Slider Puck, Black Plastic
    • 50-1099C
    • Universal Slider Top - Aluminum, Blue Anodized, Laser Etched WC
    • 50-1099R
    • Universal Slider Top - Aluminum, Red Anodized, Laser Etched WC
    • 50-1099A
    • Universal Slider Top - Aluminum, Polished, Engraved WC