Stainless Steel Skid Pad- Engine Covers 247LI,145R,147L,160LI,160R,168R,337LB,338LB,339LB,420L,420R,445L,452L,500LB

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This replaceable skid pad will keep your cover looking good for a long time. The stainless steel is more abrasion resistant than the aluminum, and adds life to all the Woodcraft covers. The thinner stainless pads also offer the most ground clearance for track-bound motorcycles. All replacement pads come with a new hardware kit that includes three mounting bolts with new o-rings.

One pad (of your choice) is included with every cover that accepts them.

Stainless pads are recommended for racing to achieve maximum ground clearance

Skid pad will replace engine cover part numbers ending in: 0247LI/LIB, 0145R/RB, 0147L/LB, 0160LI/LIB, 0160R/RB, 0337LB, 0338LB, 0339LB, 0420LB, 0420RB, 0445LB, 0452LB, 0500LB

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