Yamaha FZ09 17+ Clipon Riser Set 1" W/Adapter Plate, W/Long Black Bars

Our new FZ09 adapter plate bolts directly to the stock handlebar mount keeping all of the stock clearances, while putting your hands in a more natural position. This setup allows the use of multiple risers giving you the ability to custom tailor the ba
WoodcraftYamaha FZ09 17 Clipon Riser Set 1" W/Adapter
Woodcraft Technologies Clipon Adapter Plate
Yamaha FZ09 17 Clipon Riser Set 1" W/Adapter


Yamaha FZ09 17+ Clipon Riser Set 1" W/Adapter Plate, W/Long Black Bars

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Our new FZ09 adapter plate bolts directly to the stock handlebar mount keeping all of the stock clearances, while putting your hands in a more natural position. This setup allows the use of multiple risers giving you the ability to custom tailor the bar height for optimum comfort. 

Each plate is machined from tough billet aluminum giving your bike a custom look while making them much stronger than the stock handlebars. The handlebar tubes are kept as separate pieces allowing for inexpensive replacement in the event of a crash.
Rise Guide 

1.      Note: This kit is designed to be used primarily in the up position.  Using this kit in the down position requires the use of 10mm spacers and users should note that at full lock the controls may make light contact with the fuel tank during the last few degrees of bar movement.  Here are some approximate bar movement examples to help you determine how you would like to install them.

1.5 inch riser UP         1.5 inch drop - this is the Woodcraft standard kit for this motorcycle.        
1 inch riser UP            2 inch drop     

1 inch riser DOWN     3 inch drop *Track only.  Requires 10mm spacers and steering stop travel limiters


Our exclusive design will set your bike apart at the race track or your local bike night. This kit comes standard with long black handlebars.

Application List
ImageSKU / Part NoApplicationDetailPriceAdd to Cart
 12-1419Yamaha FZ-09 (2017)$259.99BUY
+ -
 12-1419Yamaha MT-09 (2018-2019)$259.99BUY
+ -
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Item Specs

Product Type
Adapter Plates
Spare Parts
Item/name Description
04-FH820ZFHCS M8x20 10.9 Zinc Screw
04-SC630ZSHCS M6x30 10.9 Zinc Screw
04-SC825ZSHCSM8-1.25x25 Zinc Coarse Thread (05-0640,05-0600)
12-0409APYamaha FZ-09 2014-2016, Yamaha XSR900 2016-2017, Yamaha FJ-09 2015-2016 Clip-On Adapter Plate
12-0590bSpare Part#12-0590b
13-0100BEBar Plug End, Large
13-0100BE2Bar End Small
13-4100UReplacement 7/8" Bar Aluminum, Unassembled PLUG ENDS PACKAGED SEPARATELY
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